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Importance of Your Reputation

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To Know The Importance of Your Reputation

Tom Powell is an expert on online reputation management and he explains on how this term does not apply to just brands but to people as well. He is employed at Reputation 24/7. Online reputation management is a service that businesses take for monitoring the views and opinions of their brands and products on the Internet from the perspective of brand awareness as well as from the point of customer service to protect themselves from attacks on the Internet that can be damaging to their goodwill.

There are online tools like Brandwatch that help users track comments of their brands that go across blogs, forums, news sites and other social networking portals. This will help to track down negative or detrimental content online. Once such content is tracked it can be addressed promptly to prevent further harm to the name of the brand.

For well known companies and brands it is the need of the day to understand what people are saying about them and how they can effectively protect brand identity and online reputation. For instance you can take the example of Apple and see how protection of their brand means a lot to them.

There are some cases where online reputation on the Internet is also used by individuals like those that are in high profile jobs or always are in the public eye like TV stars, sports personalities and musicians.

There are people and individuals that ensure that their name is not tarnished online with occurrences given below-

  • Domain Squatting
  • There are domain names that are associated with your name and they are registered before you get them. For instance, ginnyjames.com. These domains may be filled with information that is misleading and are more or less advertisements used for the benefits of competitors.

  • Hijacks of Social Profiles
  • This is where you will have a profile in your name created by an impostor to impersonate you. There are chances where these people act in the wrong way and they make you look bad.

  • Negative Feedback Online
  • There are cases where a person may have a grudge on you and wishes to mar your reputation on the Internet. This is generally a post on a blog, forum or social networking site that reflects you badly.


There are many ways via which you can protect your reputation and avert being tarnished on the Internet. Read on to find out how:

  • The best ways via which you can protect your online reputation is by using tools for social monitoring. Many of these tools have been designed for reputed brands that are costly for people. This is the main reason why celebrities and their staff use Brandwatch for keeping an eye on people that make a mention of their name when they are online.
  • Registration of your name with many domain TLD name extensions and promoting them on websites you own. You also have the scope to make a blog and post regular updates.
  • Creating profiles on social media and networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. You can enhance this by maintaining and keeping an active presence to show that it is an official page for users to visit.
  • Uploading related media content you wish to share online on sites like YouTube and Flickr.

Even though you have never got negative or bad press comments against your name it is worth participating to create a positive presence on the Internet in case you need to face the worst. This will also help you have some control over what people find and read about you on the Internet!

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