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Know About C&M Guest Post- Can You Manage - Your New Rep Will Help!

We have a tie up with Content and Motion that is one of our agency clients to write a two part series on reputation management. For our views on it for monitoring social media you can read out post on the C&M blog. For an perspective about the agency here is what Roger Warner of C&M says-

C&M is an PR and Online social media agency online. I am the managing director. We have been working for some time with Brandwatch to develop a bunch of global reports on social media and getting a perspective of brands like TomTom for using the toolset we prefer.

There is one thing that I care about while we enter a new phase of relative maturity for marketing on the social media platforms and that is the different categories that emerge as service offerings for software vendors and agencies for organizing themselves around the place. There are also other market conditions like AKA client needs that have an influence on the speed and the changes in the field. There is one field that I really love and hate in the same parameters is online "reputation management".

I find that reputation management is both a boon and a curse. It is a required function and a curse. The management is needed as there are brands that invest billions in establishing the goodwill of their representatives. The Apple brand itself has an estimated worth of 137 billion more than what it was estimated 5 years back. This is a number that will not appear on its P&L and it is a figure that you should maintain. This is truly one aspect that I really love!

Now for me the concept of management is not a boon. It is more or less a curse to some extent and maybe a goal without results. A reputation is created, built and protected however I am not very convinced that it can be controlled.

Here are the Reasons Why

There is no guardianship- monitoring, reporting and planning- Now if you look at it you will find that reputation management as a primary job does have its faults. There are a number of consultants that provide online reputation management to people. I think that the above should be replaced with monitor, report and plan. There are tools like Brandwatch that come into play. If they are used and deployed well they often help us comprehend the idea that is bring said and shared. We can also know why this idea is being created so that we get an idea on customer service, product development and more. The trick here is to receive valuable information and later be very smart with them.

Inspiration and Not Manage

Social media portals like Facebook, Twitter are successful in building a visual and mental picture about a brand. We are aware of the fact that the opinion of the consumer cannot be managed effectively. It can be influenced. In the case of Apple you will find that the company could effectively manage the brand with innovation, design, effective communication and great customer service. However, ownership has a definition in the form of what individuals are saying and do on the Internet, does not always go beyond us and cannot be managed at all. Here again information is the key. It is abundant and is used in such a manner to deliver better things so that opinions and perceptions are affected via amazing work.

Content is King

On the social web the best way via which you can influence people is by creating compelling content. There are content like customer service on Twitter and videos on YouTube that teach you "How To Do" This is general however not all of them are simple to implement. Those brands that enjoy word of mouth and customer satisfaction make the biggest commitment on being smart communicators and publishers. These companies create the right stuff and they are available all the time. There are monitoring tools that help us to understand the content that needs to be created in the form of status updates, promos, campaigns, responses to service and more. This helps us to make and manage the creative plans and not the reputation of the brand. In fact the quality of the content attracts respect.

Establish It to Invite It

Reputation is like currency that you have to earn. The case is the same like an audience. There is only one way via which you can reach people and this is by connecting with them. You have to be aware of what they want and need. On this basis the online marketing strategy is devised. Once the strategy is created it needs to be nurtured so that people are able to hear and respect it. Now this is not the same strategy that you will find in the Mckinsey Theory while you are doing your MBA. This is a communication strategy where you will find that new roles are made across the globe. These roles are inspirational and they generated content and also use toolsets for monitoring. This creates a positive change and also a job that is exciting as well. Both brand marketing and departments in customer care are rewired to help better communication and interaction with the public. Those people with convincing plans and commitment to content win. Here the data is the engine that steers the brand and the company forward.

What Should You Do?

You should use consumer data that delivers better creative communication to the public. When you are going in for reputation management you should never pay for any service that makes an attempt to manage something that cannot be managed. Here I am not very sure of what the results would be. The trick is you should invest and pay money on the planners, creative bits and toolsets instead. Do let me know about your thoughts on the above. Please comment below or contact me via@rogerwarner.

Content and Motion work hand in hand with Brandwatch for using software for the production of social media monitoring reports for shaping the market strategies of clients. For more information on how we can be of help please contact our team!

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