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Important If Your Business is Being Controlled by Online Reviews

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Important If Your Business is Being Controlled by Online Reviews

How do you deal with competition? You may be health care practitioner, lawyer, dentist, or some auto dealer, but then you certainly cannot deny the influence of online reviews on your profession. A recent survey was conducted and it was see than a major population of the online users check out the product reviews prior to making a purchase.

A Note on Online Reviews

Customer reviews available on various sites will be gathered and presented automatically in a spontaneous scrolling view. Both industry specific as well as general review websites are scanned as well as presented in the dashboard, hence you will find the reviews websites which are actually of help for your business. With a single click, you will be able to filter various reviews on the basis of their date of publish, origin or sentiment. You can also go in for customized alerts which alert you the moment somebody posts a negative comment. Moreover, you can also resort to analytical tools so as to know how as well as why your online image has been altered with time.

What About the Positive Reviews?

You can ask your loyal clients to post some reviews about your company. This helps you get a good image with ease. You can opt for the option "In-built review". With the help of this option you can request for reviews from your loyal clients. You can either create your personal template or choose ours for the same. And you can always check the review request history so as to keep a watch on the customers whom you have already requested for a review.

Get Review Generation Automated

You don't have sufficient time in gathering the email addresses of various clients and request for reviews? Well, that's not an issue any more. Rather, you can look up to review requests kiosks that will reduce your work by fifty percent. All you need to configure them properly so that they are able to post positive comments almost immediately. Besides, they also ensure to forward the negative comments so that you can get the same fixed at the earliest. You can also customize the text of the interface so that it gets along with your business with ease.

Personal Landing Pages Help Get a Good Local Search Engine Rank

We can help you with personalized web pages in addition to customized images, contact details, and online reviews. We help in optimizing landing pages so as to get a good local search engine rank. If needed, we also provide a contact widget option in this page.

Get a Good Online Social Media Presence

You can now find out what people are talking about your business on social networking platforms like Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. Similar to reviews, here too you have the option of filtering social media mentions depending on choices like date, sentiment or origin. You can respond to the comments either through mail or from the platform itself.

Listings for Leverage Business So As to Get Visibility in the Local Search Results

As a business owner, you need to ensure that it your company is visible on well known online sites. Hence, make sure to update the listing sites from time to time as this is a great way how you an make your business all the more successful and helps get referrals as well. We ensure in updating the viable details across several sites simultaneously. Talking about viable information we certainly imply contact details, hours, address and business name.

Know Your Stacking Up Potentials

With our online management skills you can analyze various factors and evaluate your online image in the process. If you don't have a satisfactory score, then we help you with various suggestions implementing which you can improve your online presence and reputation.

What to Choose from Us

If you think that managing your online reputation all by your own self is becoming too challenging, we are always there to help you out. You can choose from anything from us, i.e. the gold or the platinum package. If you opting for our Gold Package, then we help will request on your behalf to your loyal clients to post reviews for your company. In case somebody has posted some negative reviews we make sure to respond to it immediately with some positive measures. On the other hand, if you go in for our Platinum package then besides managing the reviews we will also take care of the social media sites. We ensure you get a good social presence and respond on your behalf to the comments that have been posted on Twitter or Facebook.

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