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Support Tips

We have exclusively created and made a list of some practical tips that will protect your name and reputation when you are using the Internet. Read on to find them out-

You should be cautious when you are using your real name. This also covers your Facebook and MySpace profiles. The content has been stored on servers for many years. If you change something in the profile and the old profile is generally available in a process that is called caching. This makes it available for anyone to view. Negative comments and statements often damage the reputation of already have in the market.

You should be careful when you are using your real name on social bookmarking sites and other forums. This information, like the above, is also cached. This means when you edit your profile and information it is available for others to view. There is also another issue. You cannot find out what someone else is going to post after you have posted. This information can be negative and the search engine often combines your name with this negative post.

When you are posting the web or email address you should change the characters to camouflage the real address. For instance you can use your name at "removeyourname.com" in place of name@recoveyourname.com. There are some programs that search webpages for getting email addresses and this makes you the target of email spamming. This in turn leads to an identity breach. You have to be cautious of the above as this is one of the main things that many people online tend to neglect and overlook.

If you wish to keep your blog out of the public view ensure you have done the required adjustments. There are programs in portals like WordPress where you will find a setting in the Admin section that keeps search engines from locating your blog. While doing this you should also be careful of commenting on other blogs using your real name. There are some hackers that will retrieve these comments with the blogs while using the RSS feed. They later apply them to another blog that is not yours. Here you will have no idea on what the comments will be. The comments if negative can take its toll on your trust in the market and goodwill.

Be proactive and act fast in case you find negative information about yourself on search engine sites like Yahoo, Google and MSN. Your information is not removed everyday and this makes it hard to repair. There are many websites on the internet that use information about you derived from other websites. If there is one negative post about you or your company this can be found on the first page of search results fast. This in turn hampers your reputation and the name is also tarnished badly.

If you wish to protect yourself from negative feedback and online reputation damage it is wise and prudent for you to begin now. Our experience teams of professionals are here to help you. Therefore let us join hands and start working NOW!

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