Terms of Service

We are grateful for getting the opportunity to serve you through our services or products. In order to avoid any ambiguity and unnecessary litigation on our and your part, please read through the following terms and conditions carefully before buying any of our products either online or otherwise.

This agreement is between 2quickreputation.com and :

  • You ,or
  • The company, business or individual you are authorized to represent, or
  • The parent or legal guardian of client if he/she is a minor

Our Services and Products

  • As you are already aware, 2quickreputation.com provides reputation management services to individuals or companies through online procedures. The particular nature of the services is mentioned on the web pages of the official web site. We may change the nature and scope of the services at any time for the purposes of enhancement and delivering customer requirements.
  • This agreement is a legally bound contract and by buying our services or continuing to do so will mean that you have accepted the conditions and bindings of this contract. By filling out and submitting the online order form you will be entitled to receive the services you bought as per the specifications.
  • 2quickreputation.com does not guarantee or claim that we will remove 100% of the negative content about you or will achieve exact results of our proposed services.
  • Free Conversation: Free Conversations are limited. You can talk to our experts Free for 15 minutes.


Considering the nature of our services, we have to deal with your sensitive personal information. By signing the contract you agree to authorize 2quickreputation.com to do the following:

  • Use the personal information in ways necessary to search web content and suppress or remove negative material.
  • To act on your behalf and take any action deemed necessary for removal of negative content including negotiating with creators and facilitators of such material on the web.
  • To use your brand names, logos, trademarks, pictures or other information required to create and publish web pages. We may have to reproduce, publicly display or perform and use this information in any way we think necessary to provide the services.
  • To create web sites on your behalf

Regarding Use of Web Site

While using the web site and services of www.2quickrepuation.com you agree:

  • Not to reproduce, copy, publish, display or distribute any content from our web site including our logo, trademark, pictures etc without taking written consent from us.
  • To use our downloadable information only for personal use
  • Not to engage in fraudulent practices, impersonation or provide incorrect information
  • Not to violate the privacy of others or use their accounts without permission
  • Not to manipulate or disrupt the normal functioning of the site by planting viruses, spiders, search applications or overloading the site.
  • Safeguard the privacy of your account and password

Conditions of Payment

The fees and payments required for the services are mentioned in the final order which you are bound to pay. The conditions are:

  • Payments made cannot be cancelled and will not be totally refunded.
  • The subscription fees will be renewed automatically at the end of the term
  • The subscription amount will be charged on the registered credit, debit card or chosen mode of payment
  • Payments will be taken in advance unless stated otherwise
  • Applicable taxes have to be borne by you
  • Late payments will be invite 1.5% interest on the balance amount till payments are made.
  • Payments due over thirty days will result in suspension of services

Termination of Services

Either party, www.2quickreputaion.com or you, the client, can terminate the contract before the completion of the term on the following grounds by giving written intimation to the other.

  • Repeated violation of the terms mentioned here and inability to rectify the cause
  • The entity is bound for liquidation or winding up its business
  • In case of cancellations:
    • Cancellations or terminations of services within 30 days of placing order will be charged a 15% fee based on the annual fee
    • After the initial 30 day period an additional 10% will be deducted before refund

Our Liability

Our liability in case of any claim from you or any third-party related to you is limited to the annual fees paid by you for the 12 month period prior to the claim. Our third-party suppliers or contractors cannot be held responsible for any claims and have no liability for the services.

Privacy Rights

When signing up for our services, you have to assume that your information may be subject to viewing by others since we cannot guarantee 100% privacy.

  • The linked sites on our web sites are not endorsed by us and you are advised to use your discretion while navigating those sites.
  • We follow a stringent copyright policy resulting in removal of errant members who violate copyright laws.
  • You can register your complaint against a member if you feel violation of copyright has occurred, in the prescribed manner

Terms of Arbitration

In case of any dispute or violation of this agreement:

  • All arbitration issues will be heard in San Francisco, California under the laws of the state in accordance with the Federal Laws of Arbitration.
  • The legal expenses of each party have to borne by themselves and also share the arbitratorís expenses.
  • Each party has to honor the arbitration decision within 15 days of the award.
  • Agreeing to the provision of arbitration, both parties are giving up the right to trial by jury, bringing a class action suit and some rights of appeal.

Additional Conditions

  • The services of 2quickreputation.com maybe subject to US export laws. You will also have to comply with that.
  • You cannot hold us accountable if our services get hampered due to natural disasters, war, change in government laws, political unrest or factors beyond our control.
  • Our services do not include any legal assistance, advice or advocacy for you.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned, all communication or approvals between the parties have to be writing.
  • We retain the right to modify the terms of this agreement as per our discretion with prior and proper intimation to you, either through written document or post on web site.

If you or the party you are representing has any problem in accepting the terms of use for the services of 2quickreputation.com you should not use the services of this web site.

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